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As we joyfully step into the new year, we reflect with gratitude on the incredible journey we've embarked upon over the past 50 years. The golden anniversary of Haitian Christian Mission marks not just a milestone but a legacy of love, faith, and commitment to our Haitian brothers and sisters.Our pastors, educators, and healthcare professionals have brought hope. They have touched countless lives and spread the light of Christ in many communities throughout Haiti. The success of our mission is not just attributed to the leaders but to the dedicated supporting staff at HCM who have contributed selflessly to the cause despite their own struggles. We also wouldn't have made it this far without faithful supporters, like you, many of whom have been here since the start.

Over the holidays, as we celebrated the birth of our Savior, we also rejoiced in the birth of one of our founders, and my mom, Betty (born on December 25th). Those who have spent time on campus with Betty can see how she radiates the love of Jesus, especially in the early sunrise with Clarine, Claudette, and Elsie on the kitchen porch in Fonds Parisien. Her genuine smile is a testament to the joy she brings, whether it's during her morning praises or surrounded by family, grandchildren, and her church community. 

The day after Christmas holds a special place in our hearts as we celebrate the life of a person instrumental in shaping our community - Pastor Prophete, also known as Dr. Etienne Prophete or simply Stephen. Born on December 26th, 1939, his life has been a living example of answering the Divine Call. This is a reflective time as we celebrate his life. We recognize that God continues to speak through him, blessing lives globally. Since 1974, Betty and Etienne have journeyed across the U.S., tirelessly advocating for those facing hardship in Haiti. Their dedication, navigating with a paper roadmap and a tiny vehicle, speaks volumes about the love they have for the Haitian people. Their example has created a community at HCM where students and teachers lead and invest in others, continuing the legacy of hope and perseverance. Their example has also inspired many of you to take trips, pray, and become part of the mission work at HCM. 

However, the reality is that Haiti is facing challenging times. Ganthier, a neighboring town just 7 miles away from the Fonds Parisien campus, is battling gangs that moved in two weeks ago. The mayor, raised in the HCM community, has asked for our prayers and vigilance as hundreds of families seek refuge in the town of Fonds Parisien. We stand united in prayer for peace and safety, determined to support and uplift those in need. As we look ahead, we are reminded of the immense impact we can make together. Your continued financial and prayerful support can make a difference in the lives of those affected by the ongoing challenges. In 2024, let us build on the momentum of our 50th anniversary. Let us look to the future. Let us continue to turn challenges into opportunities to showcase God's love and compassion.

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