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Christ for all Health Center (Hopital Christ Pour Tous)

The HCM clinic, Christ For All Health Center, serves a population of 80,000 people who have very few other options for healthcare.  The center, staffed with Haitian physicians, nurses, assistants and lab technicians operates a day clinic Monday through Friday.  It remains open 24 hours a day to provide inpatient care and emergency services.

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Obstetrics and
Gynecology Center

The OB/GYN center, located next to the Christ for All Health Center, was built in 2008 as a cooperative effort with Project Haiti Heart and the Taiwanese government. It contains a delivery room, consultation room, operating room, ten-bed patient room, sterilization room, storage space, bathrooms and showers.  Each year, the center serves over 1,600 women in labor.  HCM employs three midwives that are on call 24/7.

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Higgins Brothers

Surgicenter for Hope

The Higgins Brothers Surgicenter for Hope was financed in large part by Dr. Ted Higgins and is named for his father and uncle, both physicians. Dr. Ted has had a heart for Haiti since 1981. During his fourth year of general surgery residency at Yale, he and his wife, Kim, spent a three-month rotation at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in DesChapelles, Haiti. They were touched by the Haitian people, their culture, and their needs.

Mobile Clinics

Haitian Christian Mission Medical Mobile

Transportation is a major obstacle for many people in Haiti and for that reason, along with a lack of finances and the shortage of medical facilities, many people have no access to healthcare. To help meet this immense need, HCM sends out medical mission teams to hold mobile clinics in our outlying churches. Our visiting medical professionals see thousands of patients every year at these clinics. 


Proverbs 12:14 tells us, “From the fruit of their lips people are filled with good things, and the work of their hands brings them reward.” Just as Haitians hear the Good News through HCM programs, we also provide opportunities for Haitians to live out Biblical principles through working and serving their families and communities.

Due to the country’s lack of economic, social, and resource consistency, it can be hard for a Haitian to build a stable future. HCM provides the funding and support needed for them to develop and implement projects. Through this, Haitians can find meaningful work, create economic independence, contribute to community value and preserve natural resources.

HCM’s projects with proven impact are:

  • Community Nutrition Programs, such as:

    • Food preparation for prisoner evangelism

    • Monthly food distributions of rice, beans and oil to communities


  • Institute of Translation and Interpretation for advanced English language instruction

    • This program trains and prepares its students to work as interpreters. The students dramatically increase their hire-ability with proficiency in English.


  • Nutrimamba Peanut Butter Factory

    • Created to supplement the schools’ hot-lunch programs and combat severe malnutrition, this factory also creates jobs and supports the economy by purchasing locally grown peanuts.


  • Woodworking Shop and School of Construction

    • HCM’s woodworking shop trains and hires Haitians to produce and sell items needed in our communities.  Whether it’s benches for churches and schools, a new home for a family, or a storage facility for campus, the HCM shop provides a useful service to the community.


  • Sisters Helping Sisters 

    • This women’s ministry is a microloan program, helping Haitian women start their own business. Loans start at $250, and as their business grows, the loan is repaid and invested into other small business ventures.


With the Biblical model of work and stewardship as our guide, HCM strives to equip Haitians with the training and skills needed to support their daily lives and give back to their communities. Thank you for partnering with us in providing the funding and expertise needed to build successful Haitian lives.  For more information on specific ways to help with these programs, please contact

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