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Proverbs 1:5

"Let the wise hear and increase in learning,

and the one who understands obtain guidance."


In 1974, Mrs. Betty Prophete was so moved by the impoverished, unsupervised children roaming the streets near their home, that she knew she had to act. She gathered them together in her yard and began teaching Bible lessons and songs. This soon led to starting a school and feeding program–and the vision grew from there.

Most of HCM’s 10 schools started from growing Haitian churches, seeking to meet the needs of their local communities. These congregations desired a way to educate their children, as well as educate children living in extreme poverty. Many of the classes still take place inside HCM church buildings.


Today, the mission directs 10 schools in different communities throughout Haiti. Each year, over 2,800 students are educated and fed daily, and over 230 teachers, administrators, and support staff are employed through our schools. Truly the work is impacting the entire community.

These schools would not exist without the financial support of hundreds of donors each year. Paying for school in Haiti where most are living on less than $2.00 per day is almost impossible for the average Haitian. Having caring people who come alongside Haitian families to help with this educational expense has truly been the success of the program. Donors provide the students with books, uniforms, and a daily hot lunch. These donations also provide for teacher salaries and training, as well as school maintenance and technology needs. 

Just after a saving faith in Jesus Christ, education is the key to dramatically changing a life. Will you please consider providing life-changing education for a Haitian young person? They can not receive an education without your help.

The long-term success of HCM’s education program is seen in the lives of those who’ve graduated from our schools.  HCM’s graduates have gone on to become community leaders, serving in various fields such as teachers, pastors, nurses, doctors, surgeons, economists–and even a community mayors! Many have even chosen to come back to HCM and serve on staff. Click here to read and be encouraged by these stories of success!

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Play it Forward Staff


Haitian youth struggle to find meaningful activities from which to grow and learn and be productive.

Adolescence is a time for young people to learn who they are and their place in this world. It’s a difficult transition in the best of circumstances, but even more so in the unstable living conditions of Haiti.

HCM established Play It Forward (PIF) in 2010 to promote value-based choices, leadership skills, healthy lifestyles, and community service principles to students in HCM’s education program. The fun, active environment and the opportunities to improve physical skills and compete are effective in reaching adolescents with live-saving truths during a crucial time in their emotional development. Young athletes work one-on-one with coaches and mentors to develop these life principles through movement and sports. This sports mentoring program attracts young Haitians to Christian values in ways that school doesn’t.

We dream of expanding and improving the Play It Forward program. If you have a passion for sports ministry, please consider becoming a partner of PIF through your financial support. Your donations will help expand PIF to other areas throughout Haiti, offer our coaches further training and education, and enable our athletes to serve in their community.  For more questions on how you can help, please contact

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