HCM’s education ministry and sponsorship program began from seeing the need to educate children living in extreme poverty. In 1974 (Co-founder) Ms. Betty Prophete saw children roaming the streets of  Port-au-Prince and began gathering them for Bible studies, which turned into starting a school and feeding program. Many of HCM’s schools started from growing church communities needing to meet the spiritual and educational needs of the children in those congregations. Many of the classes still take place inside HCM church buildings. 


Due to the overwhelming support of donors,  HCM has been able to build multiple schools in several communities throughout the Fonds Parisien region, to meet the growing educational needs. Paying for school in Haiti where most are living on less than $2.00 per day, is almost impossible for the average Haitian. That is where HCM and our donors come alongside the families we serve. In providing an education we also have the opportunity to share the love of Christ through a Christian education and meet very basic needs such as providing each student with at least one hot meal per day.


Since 1974 we have seen the success of our education program through the individuals that have grown up and become adults that contribute to their society as teachers, pastors, nurses, doctors, surgeons, economists, mayors, etc. Many have even chosen to come back to HCM and serve on staff. This has all been possible because of faithful supporters coming alongside the Haitian staff and families, devoted to educating children.

Over 3,000 students are educated and fed daily in our HCM schools. We have 160 teachers that are employed through our schools. And 12 schools that are supported through sponsorship. 

Our schools are supported in large part by our student sponsorship program. When you sponsor a child for $35 a month, you provide them with their school tuition, books, uniforms, and lunch. In addition, a portion of this goes to teacher salaries. We have many students still in need of sponsors, so if you would like to sponsor a child in Haiti, please email our sponsorship coordinator Whitney, or click on the button below for more information.

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Play it Forward Staff

Play It Forward (PIF) is our sports ministry which was established in 2010 to promote education, a healthy lifestyle, and Biblical principles. Along with regular school classes, these kids receive Biblical training, leadership skills and focus on how sports help foster community development. Play it Forward provides one-on-one sports training and spiritual mentorship in a fun and active environment.


Volunteer teams can lead sports camps in soccer and basketball. We welcome training clinics in volleyball too.


We dream of expanding and improving the Play It Forward program. If you have a passion for sports ministry, please consider becoming a partner of PIF. Your support will help expand PIF to other areas throughout Haiti, offer our coaches further training and education, allow PIF to host foreign teams and players, and enable our athletes to serve in their community.