Founders and Executive Leadership

Etienne Prophete_HCM_Team

Dr. Etienne Prophete


12.26.1939 - 2.5.2021 

Etienne and Betty founded HCM in 1974 beginning with a humble front porch Bible study. From the beginning, he focused on five areas of ministry: evangelism, education, healthcare, book translation and nutrition. During his 37 years as executive director, the mission expanded tremendously and Etienne and the people he brought up as leaders touched many lives in many different ways for the good of Christ’s kingdom. He passed the leadership role onto his son Edwens in July 2011, but still serves the mission and the Haitian people as a consultant, teacher, pastor, speaker and writer.

Betty Prophete_HCM_Team

Betty Prophete

Founder/Haiti Adviser

For 40 years and counting, Betty has worked hard to spread God’s love through HCM. She is constantly coordinating projects, making preparations for visiting teams and events, addressing whatever problems arise, managing a host of HCM employees, and smiling all the while. While she loves being with her children and grandchildren in Florida and elsewhere, she spends most of her time in Haiti ready to meet any need that may arise.


Jonas Dorlus

Vice President of Haiti Operations/Director of Evangelism

Dorlus graduated from WISE (Windward Islands School of Evangelism) on the island of St. Vincent with a degree in theology and from HCM’s Superior Institute of Translation and Interpretation in Port-au-Prince. He also has a diploma in education sciences and has his master’s in education through Indiana Wesleyan University. He oversees HCM’s fifty-seven churches, compiles church reports, plans pastor training seminars, and is involved with many aspects of administration at the HCM campus. He is married and has two daughters.

Edwens Prophete_HCM_Team

Edwens Prophete

Chief Executive Officer

Edwens joined the HCM team as a volunteer in 2010 after he saw his native country in an unimaginable state. His role was to manage the logistics of HCM’s daily operations and projects. During that time, he was pursuing his MBA at Palm Beach Atlantic University along with doing small business consulting in Florida. Today he is on a new path as the CEO of HCM. His vision is to build better communities through the efforts of HCM and those serving in Haiti.

Board  Members


Mike Harenza

Board Chairman​

Mike is from Olathe, KS and is currently the Director of Surgical Development at the Research Medical Center. He is also the part-time Minister at Merwin Christian Church. Mike has his Bachelor of Biblical Literature from Ozark Christian College as well as 20 hours of masters work at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Mike has two kids, Regan and Madi. Regan is an RN at KU Medical Center Emergency Development and Madi is a student at Emporia State University. Mike has a lot of experience with youth and preaching ministries. He also served on two surgical mission teams to HCM and the Higgins Brothers Surgicenter for Hope.


Dr. Edward Higgins

Dr. Ted Higgins has had a heart for Haiti since 1981. During his fourth year of general surgery residency at Yale, he and his wife, Kim, spent a three-month rotation at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in DesChapelles, Haiti. They were touched by the Haitian people, their culture, and their needs. They were inspired by Dr. Larimer and Gwen Mellon who devoted their lives to transformative work in healthcare, local economies, and access to water. Through their church in Kansas City, Ted began annual trips to the Dominican Republic where teams provided healthcare to sugar cane cutters and their families in the bateys. Seeing surgical needs of all kinds, Ted began operating in a borrowed clinic in 1992, when the Good Samaritan Hospital was a dream under construction. It’s now a busy hospital with Dominican surgeons on staff; Ted’s recent trips have been to train them in vascular and general surgical techniques. In 2010, Ted and Kim were introduced to Higgins Brothers SurgiCenter. During his annual week-long trips to Fonds-Parisien, Ted operates on about 60 patients. He appreciates the excellent accommodations and support of HCM and sees the immediate need for more surgical capacity. The Higgins Brothers Surgicenter for Hope provides just that.


Kathryn Anderson


Kathy Anderson and her husband, Lee, have lived and worked in Los Alamos, NM for over 30 years. Kathy is a retired speech therapist and Lee is a retired engineer. They have one son, Evan, who also lives in Los Alamos and is employed as an engineer. As a family, they enjoy the beautiful outdoors: hiking, biking, skiing and camping. Kathy is a member of the Los Alamos Christian Church which has been a supporter of Haitian Christian Mission for over 40 years. Kathy first became involved with HCM by agreeing to sponsor one child subsequent to a visit to her church by Etienne Prophete. Her involvement with HCM has grown over the years and she has made many trips to Haiti. She has a heart for Haiti and the Haitian people. Kathy has a passion for education and hopes to lend her expertise in that area to the board of HCM.


Samuel Prophete


Samuel Prophete, born and raised in HCM ministry, is the son of Pastor Thomas V. Prophete who is one of the pioneers of the HCM. Samuel is a biomedical engineer, a scientist, and a writer. He is also the CEO and founder of Pathos Reading whose mission is to help Haitian children have access to books, both at home and at school, that foster a love for science and reading. Samuel is the product of the good work that HCM has been doing in Haiti and consequently wants to serve on the board of directors to help ensure the strategic guidance and oversight of HCM according to its purpose.


Angela Reeves


Angela Reeves is a restaurant owner and operator in Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee. She has been a business advisor to HCM and a sounding board we have strongly valued. Angela first went to Haiti with her mom in 2016 and has returned over ten times since. She has seen the work God is doing in Haiti and through Haitian Christian Mission and is excited to come alongside us for the benefit of the Haitian people. Each time Angela returns to Haiti she visits with her two sponsor students and the family at Wholehearted Home. Angela is currently in the process of international adoption through Haiti. Her heart and passion for Haiti along with her knowledge and expertise in business and leadership will serve the direction of HCM greatly.

Pastor Cowart_HCM_Team.png

John Cowart


Pastor John Cowart currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Abiding Faith Christian Church in Gainesville, FL. He has led that congregation for 32 years. Prior to taking on the full-time responsibilities as Pastor, he served at Santa Fe College as the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs; he was involved with many other groups at Santa Fe as well. Pastor Cowart earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism/Public Relations and a Master’s Degree of Arts in Speech, both from the University of Florida. He has distinguished himself in a number of civic roles and has been the recipient of the Carnegie Graduate Fellowship, The W.K. Kellogg Fellows and other service awards. Pastor Cowart has traveled through the United States, Jamaica, Island of Dominica, Virgin Islands, East and West Africa, and Haiti as a missionary. Pastor Cowart and his wife, Jannette have been married for 34 years and have three children: John II, Jalanna, and Jabrianna. In his role as a husband and father, he strives to always give his best and model the behavior of a good citizen. Pastor Cowart hopes to be of service and become a resourceful person to the community as a board member.


Steve Hanson


Steve’s first-hand look at the work of Haitian Christian Mission came in the spring of 2015. Steve and his Pastor, Doug were challenged by Pastor Etienne to visit HCM since their church in Los Alamos, NM had been supporting the mission since 1974—when HCM began. Previous to their visit, there was no record of anyone from the Christian Church of Los Alamos visiting Haiti. Steve is a Chemical Engineer and looks forward to engaging in areas where water, sanitation, and sustainable agriculture. He looks forward to any and all opportunities that create an opportunity to share the Lord Jesus through the HCM vision. 



Dr. Dieunord Saint-Louis

Medical Director


Geralbert Bossicot

Education  Director


Katy Garcia

Communications Specialist


Melia Douglass

Development Director


Kristen White

Donor Care  Director


Michael Blumenstein

Stateside Finance Director


Henri Brousseau

Haiti Finance Director


Lovely Erius Lubin

In-Country Executive Secretary


Thonny Fabien

Play it Forward Director


Ismel Lubain

Haiti Sponsorship Director


Dr. Mathieu Benson

Site-Coordinator for HIV Program


Whitney White Smith

Stateside Sponsorship Director