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As I sit down to write this, my heart weighs heavy with the realities unfolding in our beloved Haiti. The situations in Fonds Parisien, Fonds Cheval, and Nan Plasir paint a picture of both despair and hope, highlighting the dire need for your collective support and prayers. 

In Fonds Parisien, the influx of displaced families seeking refuge has transformed the area into a makeshift sanctuary. People in the community have gathered a group of men to watch over their community. They have chained off the border and are not allowing anyone into town without first identifying themselves. This gives the semblance of safety, with the looming threat of gangs. However, families still live in uncertainty, unable to access basic necessities. Our brothers and sisters need our solidarity more than ever.

The recent report from Pastor Eddy in Fonds Cheval brings tears to our eyes. The church members, alongside many others in the community, were recently forced to flee to Lascahobas and other nearby communities. They face unimaginable hardship as gangs ravage their homes, schools, and places of worship. The destruction they leave behind is not just physical but also deeply emotional, tearing at the fabric of their faith and community. Let us lift up Pastor Eddy and his congregation in our prayers and extend our support to rebuild what has been lost.

Yet, amidst the darkness, there are glimmers of light. Pastor Auchange's update from Nan Plasir fills us with hope and inspiration. Despite the adversity, they celebrated a significant milestone in their children’s ministry, witnessing the transformative power of faith as kids and adults alike embrace the message of love and salvation found in Psalm 13:5, “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.” During their children’s ministry anniversary events, in total 28 kids and 1 adult made a faith decision for Christ. These moments remind us of the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact that sharing the Gospel makes. You are a part of helping hope thrive in the lives of those who are earnestly seeking answers.

We recognize a deep sense of urgency as we face these ongoing challenges. We also know that our commitment to our brothers and sisters in Haiti transcends borders and difficulties. Together, we can make a difference, offering refuge, restoring hope, and rebuilding communities.

Your prayers, and your donations, no matter how small, will provide vital assistance to those most in need. Whether providing shelter, food, or education, your generosity is a beacon of hope in their darkest hour. Let us continue to stand in solidarity with Haiti, guided by compassion and driven by the belief that together, we can overcome any obstacle.

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