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Three years have passed since the departure of our visionary founder, Dr. Etienne Prophete. In honoring his memory, we are reminded of the foundation he laid and the enduring principles that continue to guide us. His spirit lives on in the transformative work we do each day. We are also filled with gratitude for the support and commitment that have defined our journey as we embark on a momentous year, celebrating a half-century of ministry in Haiti.

Our pastors’ resilience in their desire to lead their communities was exemplary during the end-of-year celebrations across HCM communities. Your support through donations, prayers, and notes being emailed in is a source of encouragement! Instead of allowing fear of violence to completely eliminate their ability to gather and minister the word of God, our pastors led smaller events that radiated joy and gratitude. We hope this speaks as a  testament to both HCM community's strength and the indomitable spirit that defines us. They are living out what is written in Isaiah 41:10, “Fear not, for I am with you”.

The end-of-year gathering at Fonds-Cheval unfolded as an unexpected triumph, turning into a meaningful outreach event. They welcomed a diverse crowd of 500 attendees, including those from the wider community who seldom attend church. The Gospel message and bowls of soup were shared, fostering connections and unity.

While the Kenya Judicial Court's decision against deploying aid to Haiti posed challenges, the spirit of God's people perseveres. While the dedicated team on the ground constantly hears unchanging news, they know they can always count on your support. They continue to make a positive impact, overcoming obstacles with resilience and determination.

The HCM family, spanning continents and generations, has been the driving force behind our mission. Your support and prayers have shaped our journey, and together, we look forward to the next fifty years with renewed hope, commitment, and love.

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