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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Only a determined and dedicated person can consistently cook and feed hundreds of people! Ms Clarine is exactly that! Clarine began working at HCM in 2009. She is the head of the kitchen and leads the team of ladies who feed children, pastors, medical staff and patients, prisoners and visitors from around the world. Hunger and nutrition are very real concerns in Haiti and Ms Clarine plays a very important role in aiding this problem!

Clarine is so dependable she not only leads the kitchen staff, but in the past when we had missionary teams, and Ms Betty was not present, she would take care of the teams that came to visit! So if you’ve taken a trip to HCM, you would recognize Ms Clarine as she hurried past you to her next task! HCM has aided in helping Clarine by building a house, performing her marriage ceremony in 2016, and comforted her during her loss of her baby boy in 2017, Ms Clarine is not just an HCM staff member, but she is part of the family.

Your funds go to employing many Haitians like Clarine, which not only provides for their needs, but they in turn help their families. Clarine, for example, supports her sister who is in her first year of nursing school. The impact your giving makes goes beyond what we can even see!

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