to help the next young Etienne rise above the odds. Can you give and provide opportunity and hope for hundreds of Haitians in the next few months?

Your generous gift will help keep hundreds of

Haitian families employed and out of poverty.

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From this acre of land,

 hundreds of Haitians are impacted daily. 

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Whether it’s benches for HCM churches and schools, home repair help for a local family, or campus repairs, Charles and his staff provide useful services to the community.


Through thousands of meals, Ms. Clarine and her staff have fed children, pastors, medical staff and patients, prisoners and visitors from around the world. Hunger and nutrition are very real concerns in Haiti, and the HCM kitchen staff are on the frontlines of this battle. 

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Ms Claudette brightens each room she steps into! And if you’ve been to the HCM campus, you have experienced it first hand! Claudette is the housekeeper and she keeps things running smoothly and of course clean!

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Luciel Louis works hard to keep the HCM campus secure. He’s part of a team that deals with looters and anyone else looking to do harm. Hundreds of people come to the HCM campus each week to worship, attend school, and receive medical treatment. Without the security team, these people would not be able to safely receive the help they need.