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Updated: Jun 4, 2021

As children we play pretend and dream of what we will be when we grow up. The same is for children across the globe! Lovely Lubin dreamed of being a doctor when she was a child. Little did she know that God would call her to not be a physical doctor but a spiritual doctor. Lovely grew up with a family that had a strong faith in the Lord. She grew up attending Christian Church of Chapotin, giving her a firm foundation in her knowledge of God. She would need her to know her heavenly father after her earthly father left their family when she was six years old. Because of her strong faith, Lovely knew God would protect and take care of her mom and her five siblings. Lovely accepted Christ at age seven and was baptized at age 12.

When HCM teams would visit the church in Chapotin to put on Vacation Bible Schools, Lovely’s knowledge of scripture and stories of faith expanded. As a teenager, Lovely started serving in return by helping lead worship and teach Sunday school classes. A highlight for her was getting to attend the annual HCM conference.

Church had become home and family to Lovely. She wanted to spend her life helping others learn about Christ and felt called to serve. However, attending Bible college required money she didn’t have. Lovely began looking for a job, and Pastor Dieudon, from Chapotin, hired her on as a school secretary. While working, she tried to take nursing classes, thinking about her childhood dream of medicine, but realized that line of work just wasn’t a fit. Finally a year later, she had saved enough to begin Bible college.

After returning from Bible College in 2015, she met the incredible staff at HCM, Dorlus, the Prophet's and many others! Inspired and encouraged by HCM’s ministry throughout Haiti Lovely knew God was still calling her to be a doctor-- a spiritual doctor to those who are lost!

After praying God would help her find a place to serve with HCM, she was hired as HCM’s on-campus executive secretary in May 2016. Among her duties is managing the Sisters Helping Sisters Program and she finds joy in helping other women fulfill their goals. Lovely is always eager to serve in any area that allows her to share the Gospel message to the Haitian people.

In December 2017, she married a great man of God, Reginald Lubin and God blessed their marriage by giving them an amazing son in December 2018. God has been so faithful to their family, her husband is now a pastor, and they are both leaders as God has called them to be. Lovely is yet another life impacted by the ministry outreach of HCM and the faithful partners who invest. Without donors and teams of volunteers to give, pray and minister to Haitians, youth like Lovely would not know and come to serve our Lord!

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