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As we continue our mission to bring hope and support to the people of Haiti, we find ourselves in a time of crisis that requires our immediate attention and action. We know that the bigger the challenge, the louder God shows up for those who trust in Him through His provision of grace and favor. Your support has never been more crucial to the needs of our churches and schools within the communities that HCM serves.

A Dire Situation in Simonette

The situation in Haiti continues to be tremendously challenging, especially right outside of Simonette. Gang members persist in terrorizing the local population, cutting off routes in and out of the town and restricting travel. Those attempting to flee by boat have been shot at, leaving them trapped and fearful.

Pastor Frederick, who pastors in that area, has taken in over 100 people who are too afraid to stay in their own homes. He's using the last of his food supply to feed these displaced individuals, but resources are quickly running out. The violence has escalated to a heartbreaking level, with over 70 people killed and countless others injured.

This scenario is becoming far too common in several towns around the capital. HCM staff have become more careful and vigilant in all of the activities that require travel. In some cases, planned activities such as pastor trainings and feeding for our school children have been postponed or canceled because of the unrest and violence.

Hope and Progress Amidst the Darkness

Despite these challenges, we've celebrated 23 baptisms at Fond Verette so far this year. The Word of God continues to provide the hope and strength that the people desperately need during these difficult times. The community of La Croix has three new believers who were baptized on Easter Sunday. They also recently held their 73rd church anniversary. This is all on the heels of a gang invasion earlier this year. ⁣⁠In addition, many HCM churches across Haiti were able to gather together for Easter services safely! ⁣⁣⁣⁣

We've also relaunched the Play It Forward (PIF) English Academy, which teaches English to participating teenagers. This program opens up a world of opportunities for their future, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and violence. They also held a successful and safe Easter event, where 200 people were fed.

Your Urgent Support is Needed

Now more than ever, the people of Haiti need your help. Your generous donation will provide immediate assistance to those living in fear, supply food and necessities to those in need, and support the life-changing work our pastors and educators are doing. Together, we can bring hope and change to the lives of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. You can make a difference.

Edwens Prophete


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