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The lines were so long! It was going to take hours to distribute all the food. But parents were patient. They knew that the food package they would receive was important. Food could be scarce, depending on the gangs’ street activity.

These families came to HCM’s campus in Fonds-Parisien because they knew it would have the resources they needed to survive.

The ministry on this campus is just one part of the overall way that HCM shares Jesus with Haitians, but it is a very large, important part. Can you help fund the needs Haitians bring to the campus?

Haitians find help for their daily lives, and hope for the future, at the HCM campus at Fonds-Parisien. Could you give towards the $55,370 needed by May 1, to ensure these Haitians can have help available? ($13,845 a month in campus expenses for May-August).

As you consider how you can help, think about Juliette, a local Junior in High School. She lives with an aunt because her mother is mentally ill and homeless. Yet, Juliette thinks about her mom constantly and is burdened with trying to care for her. A heavy load for a 16 year-old. The opportunity to to attend a Summer Retreat on campus, where she can be encouraged and learn about Jesus, would be life-changing for her. Your gift will pave the way for Juliette to learn that Jesus, and other Christians, care about her.

The teen retreat is just one example of the ministry that happens–and CAN happen, on HCM’s campus. A gift of $280 would fund an average Haitian salary for a month. A gift of $550 would buy enough rice to feed almost 100 families. A gift of $1,000 would help with the constant repairs on vehicles used to transport supplies. A gift of $2,000 would fund supplies and Bibles for events like the Summer Teen Retreat or the August PIF tournament.

A gift of any size will have an impact! Thank you for partnering with us. Please let me know if you have any questions.

God Bless, Edwens Prophete

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