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From this acre of land,

 hundreds of Haitians are impacted daily. 


to help the ministry that happens on the campus at Fonds-Parisien.  Can you help fund the physical and spiritual needs that Haitians bring to the campus?

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Your generous gift will impact hundreds of Haitian
families that come to the HCM Campus.


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Last fall, out of desperate concern, hundreds of families gathered on campus to hold a prayer vigil. They prayed for their country, that God would lift Haiti out of the insecurity and violence surrounding them.


They prayed their communities would know the saving hope that comes from Jesus. During the two-day service, HCM fed more than 1,200 people with food purchased with funds sent by generous brothers and sisters in Christ.

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In our most recent food distribution, held on campus during the holidays, Ismel (our sponsorship director), says they served over 250 families, and they were afraid they were going to run out of food!

The parents of students at the Fonds Parisien school not only received food, but Ismel took the time to teach these parents the importance of their involvement in the life of their children. ⁣⁣


In November of 2021, HCM hosted a training in the practical uses of industrial chemistry. More than seventy teachers, alumni, and older students learned to produce products like soap, perfume, detergent, and shampoo.


Attendees could produce and sell these items and support their families. This ministry can help reduce unemployment and dependency and empower young people.