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Vulnerable, disabled, and alone, it was only bad news for Rita and her baby daughter. There are no government programs to help, no family with any extra to share. In Haiti, this situation almost guarantees a life of poverty, malnutrition and hopelessness for Rita and her baby.

But your faithful prayer, giving and encouragement has brought Rita Good News. Haitian churches, funded through HCM donors, are working hard to serve the broken hearted. Pastor Dieudon and the Christian Church of Chapotin have welcomed Rita into their fellowship, becoming her family. They’ve assisted her and her baby with the necessities. Daily, members of the congregation check in on her and provide any help she might need in caring for her child. This is salvation and redemption—the best news!

Romans 10:15 tells us, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News.” As you plan your holiday giving, will you consider a gift that will empower Haitian pastors? Through this ministry, you can help bring the Good News to Haitians suffering from this year’s political rioting, pandemic shutdowns, and a tropical storm aftermath.

We are praying that you, along with others who care about Haitians like Rita, will give $92,600 in Good News funding. This is the amount needed to meet remaining ministry expenses for 2020. Haitians are comforted and encouraged by your friendships and donations. Without you, they would only see the bad news.

Thank you for any help you can give. We are blessed to have you as a friend.

Edwens Prophete, CEO

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