partner with our Haitian pastors to continue bringing the  Good News as we reach

the end of 2020.

Through your generous gifts, you can help bring the Good News Haitians suffering from this year’s political rioting, pandemic shutdowns, and a tropical storm aftermath:

You can help Bring Good News through funding a Haitian church’s community outreach efforts. Projects like replacing roofs, giving benevolence to widows and the wounded, building new benches or expanding sanctuaries, and hosting community food distributions.

You can help Bring Good News through funding a young Haitian’s mentoring experience. Through HCM’s PIF ministry, students will be recognized for their hard work by receiving a Christmas gift of rice, beans and oil. In addition, funds will be used for mentor-coach training, athletic equipment and Bibles.

You can help Bring Good News to the poor by providing training, resources and employment for Haitians in the community. The HCM campus hosts a carpentry shop and school, a peanut butter factory, a radio station, loans for women with small business ideas, and administrative jobs for local Haitians.

You can help Bring Good News through every day little things. Each year, HCM’s outreach ministries must spend thousands of dollars in taxes, vehicle operations, fuel, electricity, security, support staff and building maintenance. Without these operational costs, it would be difficult to help the thousands of Haitians in our region each year.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News.”  Romans 10:15 


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