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Updated: May 17, 2022

With your help students have been back in school this spring semester navigating their new normal! The new normal for students looks like checking the roads every day to determine if it’s safe to travel. Some students even spend their free time trying to find extra food for their families. Because many students live in extreme poverty, needs may arise that our educational staff has to address. In-country sponsorship Director Ismel, has been making home visits to many of these students to evaluate their living conditions. Some days that looks like finding a new door for the front of their home, new shoes for the student, or extra food for the family. Ismel is even distributing bibles to many of our students’ families. For most, this is the first bible they have ever had.

As needs continue to grow it has never been more important for sponsors like you to give students the chance to have an education. The examples of Valery and Juliette below, are children living in very difficult circumstances. Without your help, they would not have had a chance to go to school. These are two students but they represent hundreds more. As you read a small part of their story, continue to pray for the safety of students at HCM. Pray for the families of students and the staff that faithfully educates them. Our students are grateful to you and your generous support of their education and are praying for you.

A letter from students at HCM...


“My name is Juliette and I am in the 11th grade.

Because of sponsors, I have been in school since I was

very young. I live with my aunt and cousins not far from

my school. Because of struggles my mother has with

mental illness I do not live with her and my aunt had to

take me in. I am doing very well in school; my favorite

class is French. Please pray that I have good health and

continue to do well in school. Pray that my mother’s

health improves and that she is safe and has enough

food to eat. I thank you for continuing to sponsor

students at HCM so that we may learn and eventually

get jobs or go to college.”


“My name is Valery, I am 14 years old and in the 8th

grade. I have two brothers and one sister; we live

with my mother. I have been in the sponsorship

program since my first year at HCM. My family and I

also go to church on campus. I look forward to being

baptized soon and receiving my very own bible. My

favorite class in school is English and I am doing well

in it. Please pray for my safety as I walk six miles to

school each day. In my spare time I have been raising

a goat for my family. It can be difficult for my mother

to find work and food for us. Please pray that she is

able to find work soon. I thank you for sponsoring

students at HCM and my mother is very grateful.”

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