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Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Last month Jimmy and Obias had the opportunity to visit Carterville Christian Church, New Life Christian Church, and Park Plaza Christian Church in the Joplin, Missouri area. It was a joy to worship and fellowship with these three churches, and our HCM team was blessed by their warm welcome and hospitality. We were encouraged by their commitment to living out their faith and sharing the love of Christ with their community.

Additionally, they had the privilege of attending Ozark Christian College's Preaching and Teaching Convention, where they could connect with many friends of the mission. They were grateful for the support and encouragement of our fellow believers and look forward to seeing how God will continue to work through HCM as we partner in ministry.

Len and Suzette Clevenger's hospitality towards Jimmy, and their willingness to share the history of his father's time at Ozark, is a testament to their dedication and commitment to the ministry. Their faithful service since the very beginning is a reflection of their passion for HCM’s mission. We are deeply grateful for all of our praying supporters that continue to carry the legacy of bringing hope to the Haitian communities that we serve.

We are thrilled to share about Dan and Dorlus' recent ministry trip to the Pasco, Washington area. During their visit, they had the privilege of meeting with some of HCM’s friends and partners in the area. Dan and Dorlus were encouraged by the passion and dedication of our ministry friends in Pasco. They saw firsthand the impact of our collective efforts to share God's love. They also had the opportunity to share updates about HCM initiatives and the recent progress we have made.

Now some updates from Haiti:

Our sponsorship director, Ismel, has been meeting with parents of children at their homes who were not attending school due to insecurities and safety issues. This initiative is a critical step in ensuring that these children receive an education during these uncertain times. By going directly to the homes of these families, Ismel is able to engage in a more personal and empathetic conversation with the parents, understanding their concerns and the challenges that they face in sending their children to school. Ismel is not only helping these children to access education but also contributing to the development of a more educated society, where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

The "Play it Forward" program has resumed athletic training sessions for the kids, and in addition to that, they are also learning English and French. By learning a new language, they are broadening their horizons and enhancing their future employability prospects. Through improved language skills, we can open up a world of opportunities for these kids. Moreover, athletic training sessions will not only help them develop their physical abilities but also instill valuable life skills such as discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Overall, the "Play it Forward" program is creating a comprehensive learning environment that is nurturing the holistic development of these kids.

If your church is interested in having someone from HCM visit with your congregation in person sometime in the next 6 months, please email Dan Reischel at We would love to spend the weekend with you!

This is just the beginning of a year focused on serving the next generation. We are encouraged by your continual prayers and support, and know that our students, teachers, pastors, and staff thank God for you every time we meet together!

Edwens Prophete,


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