Since the late 1970s Haitian Christian Mission has been educating students throughout Haiti. Much of this outreach has been possible because of sponsors, like you, simply saying “yes” to investing in the life of a Haitian student. Your commitment allows a Haitian student to:

  • receive a Christian education where they will learn about Jesus’s saving love for them! HCM’s Christian education also includes the Biblical values and moral truths necessary to help them become strong leaders in their families, church and communities.

  • receive books, uniforms and at least one nutritious, hot meal a day. 

  • receive instruction from teachers in a modern learning environment. 

  • receive protection from those seeking to exploit children living in poverty. The average Haitian child is at a heightened risk for malnutrition, trafficking, and exposure to violence. 

Based on our 2019 annual report, 4,317 students were educated and fed daily in our HCM schools. We have over 254 teachers that are employed through our schools. And 12 schools that are supported through sponsorship. 

 Education in Haiti is truly a gift that many could not afford without your support.  Your commitment of  $35 per month is a gift that impacts the entire family.

We still have a great need for sponsors, please email our sponsorship coordinator, Whitney for more information on signing up as a sponsor.

To give directly to our Student Sponsorship Program, click on the link below and select "student sponsorship" in the dropdown menu.

Thank you for the generous decision to impact

the life of a student at HCM.

Haitian Christian Mission is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

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