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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The earthquake in southern Haiti has added natural devastation upon an already unstable and desperate situation for Haitians.While gang violence, political instability and rising COVID cases always create daily uncertainty and fear, some Haitians are now left homeless, injured and hungry due to an earthquake destroying what little they had.

While HCM’s campus headquarters were not directly impacted by the quake, many of HCM’s pastors and church communities will suffer from the results. HCM’s relief efforts will focus on our church communities who have experienced damage and/or are expecting a large migration of disaster victims.

Several of HCM’s church communities suffered damage due to being on the faultline or near the site of the quake.

  • Simonette, (church and school): cracked foundation, walls are fractured and the church is unable to meet in the building until it is fixed.

  • Port Au Prince and Fonds Cheval (church and school): severely felt the quake’s shocks and will be repairing minor damage to their building and grounds. They are preparing a relief delegation to help sister churches in the south.

  • Fonds Verette (church and school) and Jacmel Perido (church): communities experienced flooding and building damage due to the quake and tropical storm.

Additionally, as a result of the earthquake, HCM anticipates:

  • A large migration of those affected by the quake into neighboring HCM church communities and even to the campus at Fonds Parisien.

  • Food shortages due to the crops grown in the south, now destroyed by the earthquake and tropical storms.

  • Continued resource shortages for church building and HCM campus buildings, such as electricity and fuel availability.

  • Building needs due to infrastructure damages from the quake and flooding.

HCM is anticipating additional expenses due to this most recent disaster, and in response to the ongoing gang violence impacting every Haitian community. In the next few weeks, HCM will use disaster funds for:

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James VanCuren
James VanCuren
Aug 24, 2021

Know for certain that our prayers accompany our monthly support.

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