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THE WAIT: Ismel's Journey to Visit His Mother After The Earthquake

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

By: Ismel Lubain

Not knowing how my mother was and if she was safe was an incredibly scary experience.

Following the August 2021 earthquake that destroyed Les Cayes and several regions in the south side of Haiti, I sat in Fonds Parisien, thinking I just had to get to the south. I kept hearing news about all the affected areas and I needed to check in on my family and see with my own eyes how this earthquake impacted them. Some friends and staff on campus agreed, and they wanted to join me. We were not sure how we would get there because of the gang members who were continually blocking the roads to the South, keeping any supplies from being brought to those in need.

However, we knew God was calling us there and we needed to have faith that He would protect us.

We covered ourselves in what we knew would work, prayer. We prayed together, and I prayed on my own. We prayed harder as we approached the areas where the gangs were present. I was truly afraid for my life. And as my God promises, He was there with us. We had invited Him into this journey, and now He was present. His peace filled me. His hand of protection was upon us.

Over five hours later, we pulled into the community and started seeing all the devastation. My heart began beating faster and faster, the anxiety of what we might find growing. As we slowly drove and approached my mom's home, I was completely shocked. Her small home was completely destroyed. No bathroom, no kitchen, nothing. Then I saw my mother, and as she saw me, her eyes filled with tears. I then turned to my brother, who upon seeing me, got a look of hope in his eyes. I had not been able to visit them in many years. This trip meant so much to me and to them. They knew my presence meant I was there to help in any way possible.

As they shared what had happened and showed us the devastation, I gave suggestions of how we could rebuild her home and help the community as well. After hours of work, my mother insisted on finding wood to make a fire. She was going to cook for the group! My mother, who had just lost her entire kitchen, was insisting on feeding us. We had come all this way, and she wasn't going to let us leave without being fed. So with humility, joy and honor, I bent down to help my mother start the fire.

As we sat and ate, I looked at my family and thought to myself, even in the midst of these trials, I am so thankful to God that my family is safe and that I was able safely to make a trip to visit them, God is good, and I know He will provide ways for me to help them restore their home.

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