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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

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Day by day, that is how we have to take things here in Haiti. Over the past month, there have been some ups and downs. We were able to successfully send earthquake relief teams to Cam Perrin, Au Cayes, and Au Coteau to evaluate the damage. We are focusing on these communities, as these are communities that we already have a relationship with.

Unfortunately, we were at a standstill for ta few weeks. Thanks to your generous gifts, we have materials, food kits, medical equipment, and other supplies purchased and ready to take to those in need. However, the roads to the south have been blocked by gangs.

It’s been a relief that the gangs have left the road to and from Fonds Parisien alone, but now they are focused on the roads to the South.

There are some days the roads are open but you are not guaranteed that the roads will stay open on the way back home. Without wanting our teams to get trapped in the South, we have been waiting for the right time, which is hopefully this week. My hope and prayer is that next month I will be able to share with you photos and stories of the relief teams being able to successfully bring supplies to these communities.

However, since Simonette is to the north of PAP we were able to get to Simonette last week.

Loaded trucks with food and supplies arrived; plenty of rice was distributed and metal roofing was delivered to begin repairs on the church. They were even blessed with a generator because of all your generous donations that came in. ⁠

This is one of many deliveries we are planning to make in the aftermath of the earthquake. ⁠

Join us in prayer as we ask God to open the roads and keep them open to not only our teams reaching those in need but other organizations as well. People are still hurting from this disaster--things are far from “over.” Now that the initial emergency relief teams have done their work, it’s time for HCM, and other organizations, to begin the work of rebuilding. Your prayers and gifts are a blessing to these communities!

If you are interesting in donating, HCM will use disaster funds for:

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