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As we dive into the heart of autumn, I want to update you on the latest developments and challenges we are facing in Haiti, especially in the wake of the recent border closure and the persistent gang-related issues. Your unwavering support and prayers are the foundation of our work, and we are grateful for your commitment to Haitian Christian Mission.

The border closure between Haiti and the Dominican Republic continues to cast a shadow over much of what we do, affecting both our main campus and the community of Belladere. Our employees are struggling to access essential food and supplies due to this situation. In Belladere, Pastor Montreuil faces a daunting challenge. The closure has led to a food shortage since they relied on goods from the Dominican Republic. We are actively exploring solutions to ensure that our communities have the resources they need during these trying times.

The impact of gang violence remains severe in various communities, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

Fonds Cheval

Pastor Eddy cannot travel to Fonds Cheval due to the presence of gangs occupying the roads. However, our dedicated deacons and leaders are still bravely leading the community during these challenging circumstances. Your prayers and support are a lifeline for the people of Fonds Cheval.


This community has been entirely taken over by gangs, resulting in mass shootings and the ransacking of homes. All churches in this neighborhood are closed due to the dangerous conditions. Nevertheless, church members are meeting in homes for prayer and Bible study, showing their unwavering faith in the face of adversity. Our God is faithful and we continue to lean on His grace to restore peace to Beudet.

We are delighted to share some positive news regarding our relief efforts following this summer’s floods. Thanks to the generous donations from I.D.E.S. and Abiding Faith Christian Church, we were able to help the communities of Thoman and Fonds Parisien. We’ve already shared with you the many food distributions that we were able to immediately provide with donations. Now we rejoice with Thoman as their damaged depot (the building where supplies were stored) has been repaired. It has been converted into three new classrooms, providing an improved learning environment for the children in this community. Additionally, the Meus Family, a family of seven, who lost their home in the floods, now have a safe and repaired place to call home.

Your support has made these transformations possible, and we are grateful for your continued trust in HCM. Together, we are making a significant impact in the lives of the Haitian people, and your compassion and generosity shine through in the relief and assistance we provide.

As we move forward, your prayers, contributions, and steadfast support remain the cornerstones of our mission. The challenges in Haiti are great, but with your partnership, we can continue to bring hope and transformation to the people who need it most. Thank you for standing with us and being a source of strength for HCM and the communities we serve.

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