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For children in Haiti, a pair of shoes means more than just adding comfort for their feet. It means health, it means education, it means a future! Children are not allowed to go to school if they don’t have shoes and many times parents can’t afford them.

The joy on a child’s face when they are given a new pair of shoes, maybe even their first pair, is one that is forever engraved in your heart.

Youlinsky went from having mix matched flip flops, that didn’t even fit him, to being gifted his first pair of sneakers! His proud, joyful expression says it all! With a new pair of shoes, Youlinsky can now follow his dream of learning to be a doctor when he grows up.

The country of Haiti is filled with so many children like Youlinksky. HCM can’t reach them all on our own, that is why we partner with various organizations across the country. Youlinksky was able to benefit from new sneakers through our partnership with Global Vision Citadelle Ministries.

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