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Play it Forward Celebrates 10 Years!

Thank you so much for your contributions to Play It Forward for the past ten years. You are truly the champions of the ministry. Many young people have graduated from high school and college because of their involvement with PIF. PIF gave them a place to belong and a place to be protected from gangs, alcohol and delinquency. Throughout the years, coaches have been better equipped with the word of God, they have been a part of leadership training and developed other skills within sports.

This year, we celebrated our 10th year of this incredible sports ministry. The journey was not easy but with God and your generosity, we have been able to overcome barriers and road- blocks that have been presented to us over the years.

This past December we organized 2 events where we awarded 148 athletes and highlighted 20 staff members and volunteers who made a lot of sacrifices to help PIF become what it is today. PIF acknowledges your role in helping to implement a program like this for children and youth to worship, to build relationships and to play for Jesus. I don’t know how our ten years of ministry could have happened if without you. We look forward to seeing what the next 10 years will bring!

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