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Dear Friends,

The month of December brings about so much hope and festive activities. Many of us are well into planning our Christmas gatherings and for the most part, have already completed our holiday decorations. Our resilience to push through difficult times and to enjoy life just as intended by our Lord and Savior is grounded by our faith. During this very month, we are reminded that the biggest gift that was served to humanity was the birth of Jesus.

In Haiti where things may seem dark, chaotic, and the future uncertain, our staff, our students, our pastors, and our volunteers remain joyous and optimistic because there is a ray of light in the midst of these challenging times.

Just this past month our staff was able to either be a part of or witness a few uplifting events:


This event was led by our director of education Geraldbert Bossicot. HCM held an amazing three-day teacher training where teachers from many of our schools came to learn and improve on their teaching skills. The theme of the training focused primarily on our educators embracing the idea of being lifelong learners themselves and constantly improving on their communications skills. Our teachers also learned about improving on their pre-class time preparation in maximizing their time with their students. Creating a space where students can feel seen, heard, and feel safe.

The feedback was quite overwhelming, and the demand is already in place for next year’s teacher training conference. For three days, our teachers were able to take their minds off of the daily stress of living in unsafe political conditions and threats of kidnappings, to focus on becoming a better version of themselves. The desire to learn and fellowship with each other was very noticeable within the group. The joy that only comes from God’s grace was indeed on full display.


Our athletic director Thonny Fabien and his staff were able to organize one of the most fun-filled and competitive soccer championships in Fond Parisien. While this surprisingly popular and exciting tournament is still ongoing, we have already seen how our youth’s lives are being shaped right before our eyes. Where our students have been immobilized by the terror of gang members in recent times, they are finding hope and optimism through the mentorship of the participating leaders throughout this tournament. Our matches are set up to have the younger groups compete against the older groups, or as Thonny calls them “veterans.” This aspect of the tournament brings enthusiasm and participation to a higher level! Nearby students and adults come to watch even if they are not playing! This is another example of how God is showing how His love is enough and His provision for us in all circumstances is never failing.


God is using your prayers and gifts to bring a ray of light to Haitians! Since Giving Tuesday, donors like you have given a little over $8,000 towards the Soul Purpose Campaign!! Can you help us during this holiday season by giving to help HCM's SOUL purpose? With your gifts, HCM funds pastors, teachers, coaches, and other staff who uplift and encourage their communities during this time. This month, as you celebrate the birth of our King Jesus and remain in the spirit of giving, will you remember your Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ? In Matthew 25 Jesus says, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ My family, including Betty, my brothers, and their families, wish you a joyous Christmas season as you celebrate our Savior's birth. We are thankful for your friendship and support.


Edwens Prophete

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