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Updated: Mar 2, 2021

For the benefit of Haitian Christian Mission’s work in Haiti 

“With the Kingdom in mind, the best is yet to come!”

In the early '80s, a young medical student came to Haiti for a better  understanding of tropical medicine. Etienne and Betty took Dr. Wayne Drevets to the clinic at Fonds-Parisien, more than a two-hour journey because of the rocky and dusty road. Upon arrival, many people would be waiting. 

At that time, the HCM's clinic was the only one in the area and the people were extremely sick. So, after being beaten by the rough road, Wayne dove in to spend the entire day attending to the needs of the people. Late that evening, after a long drive back to  Port-au-Prince, Wayne pitched in to help serve the evening meal. With that gesture, he became like family  to Etienne, Betty and all the Prophete children. 

After that trip, Dr. Drevets became a missionary by heart. It was an experience he would never forget. Over the years, Dr. Drevets and his wife Michele continue to serve, practice,  and support missionary work after the example of his Master Jesus Christ. Dr. and Mrs. Drevets chose to bestow a special gift on HCM. As part of their Kingdom legacy, they have given a financial gift to establish an endowment for HCM to use for evangelistic outreach. 

Named the “Etienne and Betty Prophete Evangelism Endowment,” this gift is designed  to keep the principle of the gift intact. HCM will then use the interest earned from this  investment for annual ministry outreach. It is with gratitude that we share this  wonderful blessing and invite others to give to this special “savings account” as well. 

If interested in making a gift  towards building the  Evangelism endowment,  

please contact: Melia Douglass at 

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