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Many of you have been praying diligently for peace so our students could return to school. Through much of 2019 and most of 2020, gang violence or political unrest kept school doors from opening.

However, the fall 2020 semester was a major praise and answer to prayers, and we welcomed the children back into the classroom for a long stretch of uninterrupted schooling, allowing them to finish their 2019/2020 school year.

There are still obstacles and continual upheaval, but we are determined to persevere with school whenever possible. We give thanks and praise God for you, our faithful sponsors that believe in the value of education and want to give this opportunity to young Haitians. We are so thankful for many of you who have supported the changes we made to our program and continue to invest. Look for our updates coming throughout the year. For the most recent news, check in with our Facebook and Instagram pages. Ismel often sends pictures of the classrooms and other student activities. We hope they are a blessing to you!

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