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It’s possible we might not know the things we do that God uses to draw people closer to Him. I certainly never imagined that greeting Junior each morning on my way to the office, and briefly sharing with him the day-to-day things I’m working on, would lead to saving his wife’s life and God being glorified.  

Junior is a security guard in the Port Au Prince building where my HCM office is located. For more than a year, we’ve greeted each other and shared small, seemingly insignificant parts of our lives.One day he stopped me as I arrived and shared with me that his wife, Loren, wasn’t feeling well. He told me they didn’t have any medical coverage or funds to go to the doctor, yet after several weeks, her stomach pains were getting worse. He remembered that I worked at a Christian mission that had a clinic, and asked if he could take Loren there. He was completely out of options, despair was setting in, until he saw me and remembered me talking about the mission’s medical clinic.

That very day, we were able to get Loren to the Christ For All clinic, where Dr. Peterson was able to diagnose and treat the infection ravaging her abdomen. Another day would have been too late. Both Junior and Loren recognized this miracle from God, and thanked Him and gave Him all the glory.  They are back to attending their church in PAP after an absence, as this event was just what God used to get their faith back on track.  

We say things in passing, never knowing how God will use it to bless others.  I’ve heard these moments called “divine appointments.” Proverbs 16:9 tells us that we can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps. (NLT)   Thank you for giving your time and treasure to the people of Haiti.   God is using all of it, large and small, to bring people closer to Him.  God Bless!

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