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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Mark your calendars for our first National Prayer Week.

There is power in prayer!

Let's all unite, wherever we are on this globe and pray for Haiti.

We have specific topics for each day and suggested prayer requests.

Whether you can join us live online or not, let us join together and lift Haiti up in prayers during the week of September 13th.

Prayer Topics for the week:

Monday, September 13

Haitian Government

- A spiritual revival in Haiti where Godly leaders can rise to take the leadership of the country.

- Corrupt leaders need to step down for upright men to step up.

- Continue to pray for peace and change.

- The Haitian people respond to leaders with love and peace.

Tuesday, September 14


- That our churches will continue to grow spiritually and be able to continuously see God in the midst of problems that are raging in the country.

- The safety of our church leaders as well.

- That the congregations of the churches reach out to their neighbors and spread the Gospel message.

- For HCM Pastors and Churches by name:

Wednesday, September 15

The Children

- The safety of the children as they go to school.

- That their bodies are healthy, well-rested, and full.

- That their minds are free from worries about their parents, families, or violence in their community & able to focus on school topics.

- The students being mentored through the PIF would understand how to better lead their communities in the future.

Thursday, September 16

Earthquake Recovery

- Those directly affected by the earthquake in the South, who have lost their loved ones & homes.

- For comfort, relief, and recovery.

- In the midst of this calamity the people can still see and experience God’s goodness.

- The efforts that were made with our Relief Team continue to be successful.

Friday, September 17

The People of Haiti

- Their spiritual, physical, emotional health.

- The Haitian people to turn their lives to God and experience justice for all.

- Their safety against the gangs & looters

- For the grace and love of God to come over these gangs & they begin to repent

- Our HCM staff/leaders on the ground in Haiti

Edwens’ security & protection

Kirby who leades construction projects

Dr. Dieunord Saint-Louis - Medical Director

Ismel Lubain- Student Sponsorship Director

Geralbert Bossicot - Education Director

Pastor Thomas - Lead Pastor at Fonds Parisien

Henri Brousseau - CFO in Haiti

Lovely Erius Lubin - Executive Secretary

Thonny Fabien - PIF leader

(Saftey for all those traveling back and forth

from PAP to Fonds Parisien)

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