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Church Report

Church: Eglise Chretienne de Fonds-Cheval Pastor: Eddy Bernard Attendance: 332 Baptisms Performed: 17 Child Dedications: 23 New Converts: 52 Number of Children in school: 315 Pastor Dorlus, Pastor Eddy and former Board Chairman, George Frank pose for a picture in the Fonds-Cheval school.

History of Fonds-Cheval The name “Fonds-Cheval” is from a foreigner whose name was “Cheval.” However in the past the name of the locality was “Saint-Ange”, that was also the name of somebody that lived there in the past. Fonds-Cheval is lush with agriculture and has lots of mangos and avocados. There are about 25 to 30 thousand people living in Fonds-Cheval.

Success & Problems in the Community There has been a decrease of 3% to 5% in attendance this year. This is due to people leaving the country and moving to Chile, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and so on. We have a school that has 315 students who receive a christian education; we also have our own nutrition center. The problems in the community remain the same. We are praying that in the years to come, we will be able to start working on projects in order to have drinking water, power, and other sustainability projects in place.

  • Division between some of the religious leaders has been reduced.

  • There is still a lack of sufficient drinking water, electricity and medical care. We are working toward and praying for improvements in these areas.

__________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Reflection

"We must plant trees to support the soil, fight to bring unity in the community, and have a healthy church. I would like to thank HCM for the all the good works that they have done in Fonds-Cheval and the supporters who have contributed to make this happen. We need to continuously pray for God to bring change in the country of Haiti. God must intervene in the political situation of the country. We are tired." -Pastor Eddy Bernard

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