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Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Can you help us raise $5000 this month to pay for

Haitian student’s school lunches?

We’re asking friends, who love Haiti and want to help, to join us from

October 15 - November 15 in raising money for school lunches.

With your help, we can reach our goal and find new friends who love Haiti!

There are several types of fundraising activities that almost anyone can feel comfortable doing within their circle of friends, family, church, and co-workers.

Hosting your own personalized fundraiser is an easy and thoughtful way to help students in Haiti.

First, you say yes to helping raise funds for our Food for Thought campaign. Then, you’ll set a personal fundraising goal of what you think you can raise towards the overall HCM goal.

HCM has tools and resources to help. We will provide you with the words, pictures, and videos you need to explain the project. We’ll also help get you set up with some online tools that will help you track your progress and give your supporters a chance to give online.

Below are some examples and ideas to get you started:

Social Media sharing

The most obvious way to get the word about among your friends about your fundraiser is through social media. We’ll provide links you can share with your posts to make online giving easy. It’s YOUR personal touch that makes the difference!


Like social media, this is a quick and easy way to let your friends know how they can help. We can give you suggested wording, but sharing your own thoughts and love for Haitian students is really what will convince them to give.

Host a Party!

Consider hosting a dinner, or coffee and dessert fellowship, or game night at your home or another convenient location, and ask for an “entry fee” (donation). Guests will have fun with friends, and learn more about the mission you care about!

Challenge Reward

Everybody remembers the Ice Bucket Challenge of yesteryear. Youth ministers at VBS have had a pie thrown in their face for years doing this type of challenge. When your goal is met, do something fun to reward your audience.

Skip the Gifts

Quite simply, skip the presents. Instead of accepting holiday or birthday gifts from your friends and family this year, ask them to donate on your HCM fundraising page.

Donate Your Time or Services

You could shovel driveways, rake leaves, wrap presents, walk dogs, take family photos or help with decorating, and then direct the recipient of the service on how to donate to HCM.

Have a Sale or "Silent Auction"

This could be the traditional garage/yard sales, lemonade stands or bake sales. Or, invite friends to help and provide items for an auction. People can write their bid for the various items, and the highest bid wins, and all proceeds go to Food for Thought!

Walk, Read, Bowl “a-thons”

Friends could pledge to donate a certain dollar number to every mile you walk, minute you read, holes you golf, strike you throw, etc.

Change Jar or Blessing Bucket

Set up a spare change jar or "blessing bucket" in a place many will pass by and see it, and have it available for people to make donations of their cash or spare change. Another way is to use the change jar for people to "pay" every time a certain word is said, a habit performed, forgetting to bring their Bible to class,etc. Maybe they “pay” to dress casually or bring a pet.

There is no limit to what you can do!

The sky’s the limit on your friendly fundraiser. You can make it fun, different and interesting--it’s whatever way you feel most comfortable sharing your heart for HCM with your friends and family!

If you have any questions please email

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