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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

By Play it Forward Coach, Robinson Beauger

My name is Robinson Beauger. My father and his family abandoned me since my childhood, leaving me to grow up with my aunt. Since I was little, I always loved God. I used my musical gifts and I would compose or write music, I would sing for God, but I didn’t accept God into my life.

In 1999, I left my countryside to go to the capital, in Port-Au-Prince, I met my friend Myner in 2000 and we became best friends. Because of my friendship with Myner, I came to Fonds-Parisien to take a coach’s training that the Play It Forward program organized. Little did I know how much it would impact my life, beginning with accepting Christ into my life in 2005.

As I made changes in my life, my father’s parents began looking for me because they heard good things about me. They were told that Play It Forward’s ministry has made a total transformation in my life. They were told I had become a leader, a model example all because of Thonny’s leadership.

PIF has changed the way I view sports in my life, it’s an avenue for ministry. PIF gives me the opportunity to teach sports education at “Christ Pour Tous school”. PIF gives me the opportunity to become closer to God. PIF helps me to know Christ more. The PIF ministry has taught me : Love, integrity, respect, tolerance and how to be disciplined in my life. It gives me opportunity to serve others, it shows me how to live in peace and how to work with my heart. Today, I have a great passion for sports ministry.

In the past people often criticized me for the way I used to work but now with PIF, everything has turned out good for me. I have become a new coach with a great perspective in mind to help impact and change my community. Today, I can say I am a disciple who makes disciples for Christ. I can say I am a life coach because I am coaching children and youth through sports to learn discipline and how to live a better life.

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