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Haitian Christian Mission

Creating Communities Where Hope Can Thrive


Haitian Christian Mission strives to inspire the people of Haiti with the hope found in Jesus Christ. We do this through empowering local pastors and congregations, developing bright minds through education, strengthening bodies through nutrition, and building communities through sustainable and vocational training.



Providing hope through the Gospel is and will always be our primary goal. ⁣⁣⁠We want to see our brothers and sisters in Haiti have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. In 2023, 44 pastors led thousands in their congregations to serve over 22 communities and about 300 individuals gave their life to Christ.


We have always focused very heavily on hope for brighter futures through education. By providing an education to our young people, their chances at success and helping to bring lasting change to the country increase dramatically.⁣⁠ HCM’s 10 schools impacted more than 2,800 youth in 2023.

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We seek to provide hope for those who are in need through medical care and the meeting of urgent, physical needs. Whether that's through nutrition programs or various medical services and procedures, those who are hurting know they can come to HCM's campus and find hope in whatever ways they are in need.⁣⁠

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