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Haitian Christian Mission

Creating Communities Where Hope Can Thrive


Haitian Christian Mission strives to inspire the people of Haiti with the hope found in Jesus Christ. We do this through empowering local pastors and congregations, developing bright minds through education, strengthening bodies through nutrition, and building communities through sustainable and vocational training.


Haitian Christian Mission_Education


The joy on the faces of these children is the same joy every child feels when they are able to wake up, put on a uniform, and go to school to receive an education.

Haitian Christian Mission_Medical-3.jpg


Quality medical treatment in Haiti is hard to find. With our hospital on-site, we are able to provide high-quality treatment at an affordable price to the local community.

Haitian Christian Mission_Evangelism


In a country filled with so many different beliefs about the spiritual realm, we rejoice with every new believer that accepts Christ! Our key purpose for everything we do is to share the good news about Jesus Christ and to help believers live out their faith. 

Haitian Christian Mission_Sustainability


We don't simply provide for the needs of the Haitian people, but we train, teach, and equip the people to take ownership of their homes, ministries, and communities, by teaching them skills that will allow them to sustain themselves. 

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