APRIL 21 - 24, 2021

How to become a student sponsor:

We’re praying that through this special online event 15 more children will be able to receive the gift of education--STARTING THIS NEXT FALL SEMESTER. 

It’s simple to sign up, and simple to give with automated options.

Your enrollment choices are:

  • Enroll by giving online $35 monthly

    • Start TODAY by clicking here and filling out the giving form. Be sure to select "Student Sponsorship" option in the dropdown menu. 

    • From here on out, go to haitianchristianmission.org/donate > Click "Donate Online Today" >  Fill out the giving form and be sure to select "Student Sponsorship" option in the dropdown menu. 


  • Enroll by giving $35 monthly through an Electronic Funds Transfer


  • Enroll by paying your pledge in a one-time amount of $420. 

    • You’ll still receive the same benefits as those who monthly pledge, and we’ll remind you each year when it’s time to renew.

    • Give your one time pledge by clicking here and filling out the giving form. Be sure to select "Student Sponsorship" option in the dropdown menu. 


Feel free to get started today by choosing one of the options above, or fill out the form below with your preferred enrollment option and Whitney will get you started!


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Student Sponsorship Form

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You can send a Haitian child to school this fall!


Find out how by joining us on April 21 - 24th for a Facebook event. 

(You can watch along even without a Facebook account) 


During these few days, you’ll learn how education is the key to a Haitian child’s future. HCM’s Haitian staff, Ms Betty and Ismel, and HCM students and alumni will share about their experiences and the benefits of a Christian education in Haiti. Get ready to hear some great success stories--and meet some cute, smart kiddos, too!


Whitney, HCM’s Stateside Sponsorship Coordinator will be your host as you meet some current sponsors and learn more about how your commitment will work. You will see the incredible impact a simple gift of $35 a month can have on the lives of everyday Haitian children. Communities and families are changing because of faithful supporters. 


Please consider making time for this special event! We pray you’ll see the value in joining with hundreds of current sponsors and our faithful staff in Haiti to serve Haitain Children with the gift of education.

And share this event with some friends, have them join along as well!


8pm (EST)

Facebook Live with Whitney

Stateside Sponsorship Director

Wednesday, April 21

Ms Betty & the beginning of the Student Sponsorship Program

Founder of HCM

Thursday, April 22

10am (EST)

3pm (EST)

8pm (EST)

Ismael & the impact of the Student Sponsorship Program

Haiti Sponsorship Director

Facebook Live with Whitney

Stateside Sponsorship Director

Ismael interviews a student from the Sponsorship Program

Haiti Sponsorship Director

Friday, April 23

10am (EST)

3pm (EST)

8pm (EST)

Hear from a former student in the Sponsorship Program

Facebook Live with Whitney & a current sponsor 

Stateside Sponsorship Director

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