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Simonette is located in the 9th communal section of Cabaret by the ocean, not too far from the capital of Haiti. 


There are about 2,500 people living in this community. The main activities of the area are farming, fishing, and motorcycle transportation. This community does face some problems such as lack of rain, they have no park or playground and there is a big nutritional problem. 


In recent years with gang violence rising in the country, this community is one of our communities that are most vulnerable to gang violence due to its proximity to the capital. 


Deliscar Frederic pastors about 400 people in the local church. Christian Church of Simonette has been a pillar of their community since 1985. They recently purchased land close to the church for growth opportunities and want to put a fence around their property to secure it. Another goal is to update their old equipment to a new and stronger generator to power their church services better. 


The school in this community first began under a tent in 1985. Then it was moved inside the church from 1998 to 2009. Finally in 2009, after the earthquake, a building was finally built for the school. One of the future goals for this school is to get them access to stable internet in order to conduct research projects. Continue reading to learn more about the Simonette Christian School and how you can support this school.

Support A School

Partner with Simonette Christian School

 by committing to a monthly donation.


Founded in 1985

Grades: Kindergarten through High School

Current Students: 181

Classrooms: 15

Teachers: 25

School Principal: Deliscar Frederic

Support A School
Support A School

Your commitment would provide the school with well trained teachers. Books and uniforms for students. A daily meal for each child. And a safe learning environment.

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