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We thank God for the work of our HCM churches and the way they are showing love to their congregations and their communities.
Benevolence and community service efforts only happen through the guidance of Haitian pastors and staff. The work these brothers and sisters in Christ do is so important--and only possible due to your gifts and prayers.

La Toison church

To keep the youth entertained at La Toison church, Pastor Junior Francois has started a new music class for young people in the church. He uses it as a means to reach out to them. He told us that the children really enjoy it and hope they can play for church someday!

church services

The church in Port Au Prince is ordaining a new minister! Ronald Paulius just completed Biblical training and mentoring, and wants to serve his church and congregation–even as he sees the cost this commitment can require. 

This year at this time, HCM needs approximately $105,075 to help meet the rest of the salary and benevolence outreach of our 22 churches throughout Haiti. 

As you consider a year-end gift, will you give to your Haitian

as they live out their countries struggles?


Have you been to Haiti?

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