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We thank God for the work of our HCM churches and the way they are showing love to their congregations and their communities.
Benevolence and community service efforts only happen through the guidance of Haitian pastors and staff. The work these brothers and sisters in Christ do is so important--and only possible due to your gifts and prayers.

In the face of these insecurities, we ask you to Remember Haiti, especially those of you who have had the privilege to be in the country in the past.Remember taking a bumpy ride to Fonds Verrette or to Thoman to assist with a VBS, surrounded by the joyful smiles of the young kids. Remember how Pastor Eddy or Pastor Omilus embraced volunteers like you. You were able to not only see, but also participate in ministry. This Haiti still exists. 

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Pastor Eddy at Fonds Cheval held an inspiring evangelism campaign for their community this past summer. 500 people attended, with sixty-two of them receiving the Gospel message for the first time and surrendering their lives to Christ.

Ordination of Marc-Orel Charles and Josue Branche.jpg

First Christian of Primitive  is ordaining two new ministers! Marc and Josue completed Biblical training and mentoring, and want to serve their church and congregation–even as they see the cost this commitment can require. 

This year at this time, HCM needs approximately $100,00 to help meet the rest of the salary and benevolence outreach of our 22 churches throughout Haiti. 


As you consider a year-end gift, will you give to your Haitian

as they live out their countries struggles?


Have you been to Haiti?

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