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Support A School


Port-au-Prince is the capital of Haiti. 


There are about 400,000 people living in this community. This community faces many problems such as joblessness, lack of clean water, and currently the insecurities of gangs. Our school and churches are located in the capital and are the most vulnerable due to gang violence. Locals try to bring in some kind of income by doing jobs here and there. Any kind of work they can do in order to take care of their family, they will do. 


HCM supports two churches in the capital. First Christian Church of Port-au-Prince is led by pastors: Rosicler Maurice, Ronaldo Etienne, and Ronald Paulius. They serve about 1400 people at this church. Primitive Christian Church of Port-au-Prince is led by Pastors: Henry Brousseau and Joel Mathurin. They serve about 400 people at this location. 


The school in Port-au-Prince was founded by Dr. Etienne Prophete in 1981. This is the first school that we started, with only 45 kids and one teacher. This school is located in the middle of the biggest slum city of the capital. Therefore we welcome the most vulnerable children in our school and we do our best to provide them a high-quality education. We serve 563 students, Kindergarten through High School.

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