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The community of Nan Plaisir is located in Fonds-Parisien, the municipality of Ganthier, on the national road leading to the Dominican Republic. The name Nan Plaisir means, “a place to come enjoy yourself.” It reflects what it once was. The French people who used to live in Fonds-Parisien would go to Nan Plaisir every weekend to enjoy their time.


Today about 5,600 people reside in Nan Plaisir. The main activities of the area are raising cattle, farming, and there are some who have small businesses. The community struggles with a lack of water. There are no reservoirs and they are left to walk about 3 kilometers to collect water for daily household needs. In addition, the roads to get to this community are in very critical condition. 


In 1981 an HCM missionary group visited this area and realized the high demand for a clinic and a school in Nan Plaisir. Because of the lack of a school, kids in the area had to wait until the age of 8 before they could start school. Not anymore! You can read below more about the school and how you can support this school. Currently, this school only goes until 9th grade, but a goal is to add more classrooms so they can teach kids until 13th grade. 


Omilus Hermilus and Auchange Brene pastor about 125 people in their local church. Nan Plaisir Christian Church has been a pillar of their community since 1981. This church is growing to the point it can no longer hold all its participants. A future goal is to enlarge the church so they can keep growing.  

The church leaders and school teachers in this community are able to lead now because they were educated within the Nan Plaisir school. They are now serving their community. The school’s director was educated in one of the best universities in Port-Au-Prince and immediately returned to his home community to serve the people. Nan Plaisir is a model example of what a great community with a church and school can become.

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Support A School

Partner with Nan Plaisir Christian School

 by committing to a monthly donation.


Founded in 1981

Grades: Pre K - 9th

Current Students: 408

Classrooms: 13

Teachers: 28

School Principal: Auchange Brene

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Support A School
Support A School

Your commitment would provide the school with well trained teachers. Books and uniforms for students. A daily meal for each child. And a safe learning environment.

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