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Support A School
Support A School
Support A School


La Croix Perisse is the first communal section of L’Stere in the Department of Artibonite, right outside of Gonaives. 


There are about 25,000 people living in this community with 18 schools and two hospitals. Many people in this area practice witchcraft and are jobless. The ones that do have jobs rely on farming (like peanuts) and raising animals. But the system is very old and because of the lack of rains, it makes it very difficult to have a good harvest. 


Obias Exilus and Noubelson Saintilus pastor about 300 people in their local church. Christian Church of Gonaives has been a pillar of their community since 1950. Some goals we are striving to accomplish for the church are to improve the sound system in the church and to create an administration office for the development of their staff.


They have an established school as well in this community. They are in need of putting a roof over their classrooms and adding a library to the school. Continue reading to learn more about the Christian School of La Croix Perisse and how you can support this school.

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Support A School

Partner with La Croix Perisse Christian School by committing to a monthly donation.


Founded in 1975

Grades: Kindergarten through 9th

Current Students: 617

Classrooms: 19

Teachers: 29

School Principals: Saintilus Noubelson, Aldoph Hebreux and Charles Rimatha

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Support A School
Support A School

Your commitment would provide the school with well trained teachers. Books and uniforms for students. A daily meal for each child. And a safe learning environment.

Click here to learn more about our Support a School Program.

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