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Fonds-Parisien is where our main campus lies. It is located in the western department near the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. On the Fonds-Parisien HCM campus, we have a church, a school, a hospital, a sports program, a peanut butter factory and so much more. The HCM campus has grown to become a pillar for not just this community, but this region in Haiti. 


You can read more about how Pastor Etienne began the mission in Fonds-Parisien here.


There are about 28,000 people residing in Fonds-Parisien. The main form of income for the people in this community is buying products on the border of the Dominican Republic and reselling them in Port-Au-Prince. But in recent years with the insecurities of the country, this main road leading to Port-Au-Prince is often blocked by gang members, making it not safe to do this work. This leaves those in the community contained to one location. 


Thomas Prophete, founder of this church, pastors about 500 people in the local church. Fonds-Parisien Christian Church has been a pillar of their community since 1977. They are growing and in the midst of expanding the church.  


The school on campus continues to grow and educate so many children. One of the future goals is to build a chemistry and computer lab to expand their horizon for learning. Continue reading to learn more about Fonds-Parisien Christian School and how you can support this school.

Support A School

Partner with Fonds-Parisien Christian School by committing to a monthly donation.


Founded in 1977

Grades: Kindergarten to Highschool

Current Students: 785

Classrooms: 17

Teachers: 43

School Principal: Dadou Alabre

Support A School
Support A School

Your commitment would provide the school with well trained teachers. Books and uniforms for students. A daily meal for each child. And a safe learning environment.

Click here to learn more about our Support a School Program.

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