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Support A School
Support A School


Fonds-Cheval, formerly known as Saintonge, was given this name because of all the horses in the area. This community is located in the center department, in the third communal section of Grand Boucan, Mirbalais. 


There are about 6,000 people living in this community. The main activities of the area are farming and raising cattle. This community produces corn, peas, coconuts, mangos, and avocados.


Eddy Bernard pastors about 400 people in the local church. Christian Church of Fonds-Cheval has been a pillar of their community since 1986. Some of the current goals and projects they are working on are to finish painting the church and to complete the latrine project. 


Pastor Eddy is such a visionary man and that spills into others in the community. His daughter is the principal of the school, they too are growing and are in need of adding more classrooms. 


The local school’s building still needs to be completed. Another future goal for this school is to provide a computer lab for the students and provide a regular training schedule for the teachers. Continue reading to learn more about the Christian School of Fonds-Cheval school and how you can support this school.

Support A School

Partner with the Christian School of Fonds-Cheval by committing to a monthly donation.


Founded in 1986

Grades: Kindergarten and Elementary

Current Students: 178

Classrooms: 4

Teachers: 10

School Principal: Madame L. Tayna Bernard

Support A School
Support A School

Your commitment would provide the school with well trained teachers. Books and uniforms for students. A daily meal for each child. And a safe learning environment.

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