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Chapotin is a small community where everyone knows each other. There is mutual respect between its people. The area is located in Ganthier, a few miles from the town of Croix Des Bouquets, at the entrance of Source-Zaberthe. 


There are about 5,000 people living in this community. While the people of the community are strong, the area itself has its problems. There is no electricity, no clean water, no hospital, and no paved road to reach this community. When the rains do reach Chapotin, the locals take advantage and do some farming as a means of income. As well as raising goats and cows. 


Meritus Dieudon pastors about 150 people in the local church. He is a very faithful man serving the Lord with all his heart and who is very involved in his community. He has helped start various projects in order for people in this community to make money. Chapotin Christian Church has been a pillar for their community since 1998. The church is in need of new technical equipment like a sound system. 


In the past, Chapotin has been known to be a very peaceful community. But in recent years with gang violence rising in the country, this community is one of our communities that are most vulnerable to gang violence. 


The school here does provide education for the local children, but just a portion. We would love to finish this school’s construction and provide more kids with education. In addition, we want to enhance their learning by adding electricity and a computer lab. Continue reading to learn more about Chapotin Christian School and how you can support.

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Support A School

Partner with Chapotin Christian School

 by committing to a monthly donation.


Founded in 1998

Grades: Kindergarten and Elementary

Current Students: 208

Classrooms: 8

Teachers: 9

School Principal: Junior Pierre

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Support A School
Support A School

Your commitment would provide the school with well trained teachers. Books and uniforms for students. A daily meal for each child. And a safe learning environment.

Click here to learn more about our Support a School Program.

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