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Kids in School, haiti
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HCM’s teachers
and school principals
are doing
they can to make sure
the children in their communities
are receiving an
You can help them do more.

As the 2023-2024 school year approaches, there is an urgent need to help our teachers start off on the best foot possible. Haiti’s continued instabilities have made things even more difficult for our educational staff. Your gift will ensure these heroes can continue to help hope thrive in the lives of the young people that they impact every single day.

Could you give by September 1, to fund this fall’s teacher's salaries and supplies? 

Preschool Teachers in Haiti

A gift of—

  • $125 would help a teacher with classroom supplies and teaching materials.

  • $250 would fund one teacher's salary for one month.

  • A gift of $500 would allow us to support additional teachers as well as HCM’s principals.

  • $1,550 would fund entire school's expenses for one month.

Your gifts will help provide employment opportunities that
allow our staff to make everyone's lives better in Haiti.

School Teacher in Haiti
School Kids in Haiti holding flag
4 grade teacher in Haiti
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