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Campus Distribution 2022
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We know that while the country of Haiti might be called a failed state, God’s Kingdom work in Haiti is far from that.

Every day, families come to HCM’s campus because they know they will find there the resources needed to survive. Our staff on campus is always ready to meet their immediate needs such as: food, health and spiritual guidance. 

Could you give by April 30, to fund the summer campus ministry outreach efforts? 


A gift of—

  • $280 would provide an HCM staffer the money they need to sustain their family from month to month.  

  • $550 would feed almost 100 families who urgently need food.

  • $1,800 would fund supplies, instructors, and course materials for a month, giving youth in Haiti the hope they need to survive and dream of a future.

With your help, our Haitian brothers and sisters are
using the HCM campus at Fonds-Parisien as a place to find hope for the future and help for today.

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Campus Clinic 2023
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