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It’s been almost five years since we’ve hosted a trip on campus...

And we are feeling that void.

If you came with a team, most likely that team would help with projects that involved routine upkeep of buildings such as maintenance, repairs, and painting. The Haitian staff has tried to keep things looking nice and in shape. But as the years pass, it’s become too much.

We are so thankful for your recent gifts to go towards our current campus needs!


The love of Jesus fills the campus and because of that, we want it to be a welcoming, safe and inviting place for those in need.


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  • Repairing and roofing the dormitories where the medical staff and other HCM staff stay throughout the week when it’s too dangerous to travel the roads home. $8,500

  • Painting classrooms and repairing tables and benches to welcome students back to school this fall. $2,800

  • Painting and repairing other buildings around campus damaged by last summer’s tropical storms. $4,000

  • Fixing plumbing needs throughout the campus. $3,800

  • Repairing and installing downed electrical power lines. $10,200

  • Landscaping and cleaning of campus grounds. $2,000

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