Woodworking Shop and School of Construction Ministry

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Woodworking Shop and School

The woodworking shop at HCM is run by Boss Charles. This shop produces benches for our churches and schools, creates other items for the campus (stages for events, tables, doors, etc.) and builds furniture to sell. Over the years, Boss Charles has had many apprentices who have learned the skill of woodwork under his instruction. He has recently opened a class of over a dozen young men eager to learn the trade.

Visiting teams often work alongside Boss Charles and the others in the woodworking shop to help with building projects. If your team is interested in helping build benches or other projects, contact us to learn more about the current needs.

Construction Ministry

In conjunction with our Woodworking Shop is HCM’s Construction Ministry.

After the earthquake shook Haiti on January 12, 2010, over a million were left homeless in Port-au-Prince and among them were many members of the HCM staff including doctors and pastors. Alongside our long-time partners IDES and FAME and amazing financial supporters all over the world , we were able to move many families out of the temporary tent cities and into permanent homes.

Haiti was struck again in October of 2016, this time by Hurricane Matthew. Our needs assessment found 56 homes and 1 church within our communities in need of being repaired or rebuilt. The construction ministry team has begun repairing and rebuilding these homes. The estimated cost for this project is $4,000 per home. If you would like to support this rebuilding effort, you can do so here.

Churches and schools are also growing in Haiti. This growth is both amazing and challenging. Churches around the world are invited to partner with a specific community and help them meet the needs of their communities. Click here to learn more about church partnerships.

Our construction needs are constantly changing as we respond to direct needs. Whether we are providing a family with a new home, helping a pastor fulfill his vision to serve, or building a warehouse for food storage, we look to God to provide. We are grateful for all of the faithful support from those with a vision to help with our building efforts.