Receiving an education in Haiti is a coveted privilege. Haitian Christian Mission seeks to make an education accessible to the children living in the areas where our churches are located.

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Quality medical treatment in Haiti is not easy to find. Even when it is close to home, its often times not affordable. With our Christ for All Hospital, the Higgins Brothers Surgicenter for Hope and the Formosa OB/GYN center, we are able to provide high quality treatment at an affordable price.

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Haitian Christian Mission has taken drastic measure to bring awareness to a sustainable way of serving. It is not only about food and water, although these are much needed. We are implementing new thinking by training, teaching, and encouraging people to take ownership of their ministry, community, and homes. We are and will continue to invest in our staff and people.

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All of the ministries of Haitian Christian Mission are extensions of the church. The key purpose for everything we do is to share the good news about Jesus Christ with others and to help believers in Christ grow in their faith. The starting place is Sunday services and ministry throughout the week.

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