The Light that Glows in the Darkness

Etienne Prophete

The purpose of light is to overcome darkness. This is what HCM is doing in Haiti. In John 8:12, Jesus says "I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in darkness, but he will have the light of life." The light of Christ keeps shining in the darkness of Haiti through Christian service.

The Light Glows in Evangelism. Evangelism is the top priority of HCM; the Haitian people are hungry for the gospel. You snap the finger and a crowd will show up. They want to know what God has in store for them. We have workshops four times a year for preachers' training and for the churches. Last time, we had 57 preachers present in the January workshop. In 2017, HCM had a record of 14,876 members in the churches. There were 1,082 baptisms, 76 deaths, 89 weddings, 752 affiliates and 851 births.

The Light Glows in Education. Through education, many lives have been improved. Students are promoted to a professional level in nursing, medical doctors, school teachers, pastors, and more. The students are also given a meal each day.

The Light Glows in Healthcare. During the year 2017, the hospital treated 10,961 people, had 1,230 emergency cases, and helped deliver 422 babies, regretted 5 stillborn babies and 3 deceased. 

The Light Glows in Professionalism. Jolius Thelusmé is one of those who grew up in the mountain. He came to the Fonds-Parisien school with a shining dialectic that excited curiosity. He wanted to study the bible and was encouraged to do so, but the difficulties he encountered made him change his opinion. Then Dr. Charles and Betty Lyons came to Haiti to treat sick people. We spoke with them about Jolius. They agreed to support him into medical school. Now Jolius is a Christian medical doctor who was sent to France after completion and is now specializing in urology at Justinien Medical Hospital in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. His plan is to work with HCM. He is invited to speak at a conference in Pennsylvania in June. The mission produces professionals in medicine, law, teaching, pastoral ministry, nursing etc. These professionals are pulling others out of darkness.

The Light Glows in Professional Trade. The peanut butter factory is pulling many undernourished children out of the darkness of death through nutrition. We thank the Wells Spring Trust, Donna and Don Snaage and Mike Cohoon for their love to save lives that are in danger and it is happening.

The Light Glows in Graduating Translation and Interpretation Students. In April, 23 students graduated in translation and interpretation. These students serve as mouthpiece to translate in Creole for missionaries who go to the field.

The Light Glows in Sponsorship Many education desperate children were unable to attend school; we continue to pray for sponsors for these students so they can receive an education. Many students have graduated from college, others are striving to attain graduation, others are in grade school and are successful.  Thank you for sponsoring children. Please contact George and Char Frank if you desire to sponsor a child.


Please remember the mission in three projects:

1. In the Light that Glows for the Convention. Our prayer now is to put a roof over the head of the attendees while teaching and preaching. If God speaks to your heart and you can do something, please make a donation to we can extend the church building to hold the convention.

2. The Light Needs to Glow for a Radio Station HCM is trying to set-up a radio station that will help run messages for evangelism, education points, healthcare messages and publicity. Both nationals and missionaries will easily run messages to the population.

3. The Light Needs to Glow for a Large Storage Place to bring containers to Haiti. Prayers are needed to get supplies of all kinds. The mission is entitled to duty free. The people are in need. Let us make use of this privilege.

We thank you for helping us through prayers, giving and visits to shine this light in the darkness of Haiti. It is working and the mission keeps making giant strides through evangelism, healthcare, education, professionalism, sponsorship, feeding and translation. Thank you and thank you.