HCM Current Long-Term Projects

Fonds Parisien Church Expansion - $80,000

The Church in Fonds Parisien has been growing exponentially and more seating is needed to accommodate everyone and welcome new guests.

Fonds Parisien New Elementary School - $129,000

Current kindergarten area is covered with a damaged tin roof. Tin roofs attract a lot of sunlight and make it very hot for the teachers and the students in the classrooms.



Projects for Short-Term Mission Teams

Bible School*

English Second Language (ESL) Training*

Painting Projects

Many rooms around mission complex; new school building in Fond Cheval

Cost - $20 per person per painting day (teams bringing paint brushes, rollers, paint pans, etc. would be helpful as well)

Help Build a House for Someone in Need*

Concrete block homes with metal roof cost $7,500.

Sewing Projects*

Aprons, stuffed animals, pillow case dresses, etc.

Please bring needed material such as: fabric, roller cutters, thread, needles, etc.

benches & Desks for Churches and Schools

Work alongside Boss Charles building and delivering to churches and schools.

Cost - Benches $75, Desks $150

Play-it-Forward — Coaches Training — Student Training*

Soccer and Basketball costs vary depending on what material your team needs.

You can also help by bringing soccer balls and basketballs, soccer cleats, basketball shoes, practice jerseys, etc.

Computer Classes

Teach Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.

Cost- $100 to post sign-up flyers and registration. Other material will be determined by what team deems necessary.

Mobile Medical Clinics

In dire need of doctors & nurses to do mobile medical clinics in remote villages. Some villages have never seen a doctor in 5 or more years.

Cost - $150 a day to cover transportation and translator salaries plus $1,000 for medication.

Sisters Helping Sisters (45 Women)

Sisters Helping Sisters is an entrepreneur program for women to start their own business.

Need - Business women to teach these sisters good business practice, book keeping, and entrepreneur skills.

Cost - $200 a day for teaching, interpreters, food & travel for some of the women.

* - Costs may vary depending on needs and what teams want to accomplish as well as how many team members.