Haitian Christian Mission has taken drastic measure to bring awareness to a sustainable way of serving. It is not only about food and water, although these are much needed. We are implementing new thinking by training, teaching, and encouraging people to take ownership of their ministry, community, and homes. We are and will continue to invest in our staff and people.

Although the Haitian economy is a hindrance in bringing this philosophy to reality, we have seen much progress in the Haitian people taking ownership of their endeavors. Teaching is always at the forefront of the ministry. HCM continually trains its churches and schools leaders, teaches students, and trains young adults in translation, trades, and professional services. This dedication to educating individuals has helped many find jobs in non-profits, schools, hospitals, and government. Others start their own business. And still others return to HCM to work for the mission.

Our goal for the future is to keep training leaders to assume more responsibilities, to strengthen the ministry and to bring a unified and educated front in facing the enemy of our souls.

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